Hello dear friend,


welcome to my homepage!


I am originally from the northern part of Germany, but have lived in Brussels, Belgium, since 1998. I have always loved animals, and photography lies in my family's genes. So my path has eventually led me to wildlife photography which has been my passion ever since.


If I am not in Brussels you'll find me most probably somewhere in Africa doing what I love most -  photographing its beautiful wild animals.


If your are interested in contributing to some wildlife protection projects via buying one of my works pls contact me.

I invite you to have a look at my portfolio or on instagram (@photo_safari). All profit of any sale goes directly to wildlife protection facilities in Africa. So why not decorate your apartment and do something good for Africa's wildlife at the same time.


Wild Planet Photo Magazine just featured of one my photos and an article on the Great Migration in their May 2018 issue.