Welcome to your possibility to contribute to wildlife protection!

As a passionate wildlife photographer with a huge love for (African) wildlife and photography my interest in wildlife protection increased following my various visits to this beautiful continent.


It is evident: if we want still to be able to admire the beauty of our planet's wildlife we will have to do something. Poaching, trophy-hunting or simply humans encroaching on the animals' habitat pushes our wild fauna towards extinction.


There are already some projects I personally support in South Africa and Zimbabwe - but I think I could do more. That's why I want to take the combination of my love for animals and my passion for photography to another step.


All profits from any image sold go directly to the supported wildlife protection facilities.


At the moment this is the ZENWE Trust for the 'Rescue of Cecil Kop Nature Reserve'. They urgently need $5,000 to fence in the reserve!

If you would like to help you can either buy one of my photographs (portfolio for purchase) or by donating directly via https://www.generosity.com/animal-pet-fundraising/rescue-of-cecil-kop-nature-reserve