Welcome to your possibility to contribute to wildlife protection!

As a passionate wildlife photographer with a huge love for (African) wildlife and photography my interest in wildlife protection increased.


It is evident: if we want still to be able to admire the beauty of our planet's wildlife we will have to do something. Poaching, trophy-hunting or simply humans encroaching on the animals' habitat pushes our wild fauna towards extinction.


There are already some projects I personally support in South Africa, Zambia and Kenya - but I think I could do more. That's why I want to take the combination of my love for animals and my passion for photography to another step.


On the one hand all profits from any image sold go directly to the supported wildlife protection facilities.


On the other hand I opened an account on Patreon, a sort of crowd-funding page, where both sides benefit from the support. And I guarantee that also here all profits go to an African wildlife protection facility.


For at least the next 6 months this will be the ZENWE Trust for the 'Rescue of Cecil Kop Nature Reserve'. They urgently need $5,000 to fence in the reserve!


If you want to help, pls have a look at https://www.patreon.com/wildlife4wildlife



To contribute please visit  https://www.patreon.com/wildlife4wildlife or click on 'shop'.  Don’t forget: each and every amount makes an impact.



It's a win-win situation:

For already $ 1 per month you have the chance to get a print-ready version of one of my images - and contribute to protecting our wildlife.