Myanmar - Visiting the Chin Villages of Myanmar: A Cultural and Historical Journey
a long scenic ride in a small roaring canoe-like boat took us to the remote Chin villages
Myanmar - A Trip to the Hidden City of Mrauk U: Discovering Myanmar's Past Off the Beaten Path
Off the beaten track, travelling back in time to the ancient temples and pagodas of the old capital of the Rakhine kingdom, Mrauk U

Vietnam - Sipping Coffee Mekong Style: A Must-Do While Visiting Floating Markets
a floating market in the Mekong Delta is a special experience
Vietnam - From Garden to Table: A Memorable Cooking Experience in Tra Que
a trip to learn Vietnamese style cooking

Vietnam - Lights, Colors, and History: Unveiling the Charm of Hoi An
Of course we could not miss out on Hoi An, with its centuries-old pagodas and colonial shop houses