Vietnam - Lights, Colors, and History: Unveiling the Charm of Hoi An

When travelling to Vietnam I think visiting Hoi An is an absolute must. Imagine a small historic town, where almost every second shop (and there are many!) sells colourful lanterns. A photographer’s dream! And at night, sitting in a bar next to the river you are spoilt with the reflection of hundreds of illuminated lanterns!


It is easy to spend the whole day just strolling, shopping and enjoying the colourful markets. Or go and have a look at the old Japanese bridge, dating from the 16th century. Or visit one of the many tailors, choose your fabric (which is not easy as there is such a huge choice of the most beautiful silk), and get your new outfit done in 24 hours. I bought several blouses and a set of simple black trousers with an Áo dài inspired top.


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