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Europe · 03. February 2020
a trip to Doel is like time travel
Africa · 23. May 2018
this was the absolute highlight of my trip!

Africa · 08. May 2018
Exploring the Okavango Delta
Africa · 01. May 2018
next stop was the beautiful Nxai Pan Lodge

Africa · 20. April 2018
Part 1 of my trip around Botswana
Asia · 03. April 2017
a long scenic ride in a small roaring canoe-like boat took us to the remote Chin villages

Asia · 30. March 2017
Off the beaten track, travelling back in time to the ancient temples and pagodas of the old capital of the Rakhine kingdom, Mrauk U
Asia · 20. February 2015
a floating market in the Mekong Delta is a special experience

Asia · 16. February 2015
a trip to learn Vietnamese style cooking
Asia · 11. February 2015
Of course we could not miss out on Hoi An, with its centuries-old pagodas and colonial shop houses

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