Brazil - From Jaguars to Giant Otters: A Close-up Look at Conservation Efforts in the Pantanal

The Jaguar ID Project is an important initiative aimed at studying and protecting jaguars in the Pantanal and other areas of their range. These big cats are one of the most iconic and threatened species in the world, and their survival is essential for maintaining healthy ecosystems.


The project involves a team of researchers and volunteers who work to identify and track individual jaguars using camera traps and other monitoring techniques. By studying the behavior and movements of these animals, they hope to better understand their habitat requirements and identify ways to protect them from threats like habitat loss, poaching, and conflicts with humans.


One key component of the Jaguar ID Project is the use of a unique identification system based on the jaguars' spot patterns. Just like human fingerprints, each jaguar has a distinct pattern of spots on its coat that can be used to identify individuals. The researchers take photos of the jaguars' spots and use computer software to analyze them and match them to known individuals in their database.


The Jaguar ID Project is also working to engage local communities in jaguar conservation efforts. They hold educational workshops and outreach programs to raise awareness about the importance of jaguars and the need to protect them. They also work with ranchers and other landowners to promote coexistence with jaguars and reduce conflicts.


For more info pls see their website.

Some of areas of activities of the Giant Otter Project (Projeto Ariranhas) are:

  • Long-term population monitoring
  • Ecological and behavioral studies
  • Sanitary and environmental quality studies
  • Evaluation and monitoring of threat risks
  • Human Dimensions
  • Technical assistance for reintroduction programs and population management
  • Technical assistance for public policies
  • Technical consulting for audio-visual material production
  • Production and dissemination of informative material on social media
  • Lectures, short courses, and reports at scientific events and media outlets


For more info pls see their website.

We were very lucky that some of the scientists came onboard the Aguapé on our last evening for dinner and a very interesting lecture about the situation of the jaguars and information on the Giant Otter Project.


As a consequence, I decided that the full donation of the sale of my 2023 Wildlife Calendar will go to the Giant Otter Project.

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